Pristowscheg About me

Pristowscheg. Giuseppe R. Lupo. Abstract Art. Art Digital. Perspéctivas cromáticas.

Pen name of Giuseppe R Lupo (Rome/ Italy, 1937), an artist and photographer. Graduated as electronic engineer from Padua University (Italy). Lives and works in Caracas (Venezuela) since 1970. His art evolved from black & white to color photography and then to computer-assisted photo imaging, which allowed him to express his emotions in a more universal way. He develops his very personal way of abstraction using the mouse as a brush and the monitor as his canvas. With an attentive and imaginative search, he discovers hidden shapes behind “raw” photographic images in a harmonic balance of figurative and chromatic proportions. Through a sort of alchemical process, Pristowscheg transforms this raw material into digital paintings, that are eventually converted to museum quality giclée prints, serigraphs, HD metal prints and plexiglass.

His work spreads in the collections “La Ruggine”, “The Blue Suite”, “Las Teorías”, “Capítulo